Virtual Reality Photography

360 photography

Virtual reality photography offers a unique snapshot in time of a particular environment, something which simply isn’t possible in real life. This gives your audience a unique perspective in a specific situation, with time to take in everything that is going on.

Virtual reality photography works really well when there is a lot going on in an environment and the viewer will need to take time to appreciate the fine details. For example, it can be used in rooms with exquisite decoration, at events or in live action situations.

Creating incredible photography has been the backbone of Gardner Creative since we started.  We have always prided ourselves on creating exceptional photography; our approach with virtual reality images is no different. We have taken all of our ‘traditional’ photography experience and poured it into creating fantastic virtual reality pictures, building on what we knew to develop unique tools and techniques which can give a truly incredible finished product.

Our virtual reality images can be easily integrated into any website, which can then be viewed on computers, tablet devices and smartphones. Enabling our clients to integrate these images with any marketing campaign, or they can be simply used as permanent website content to showcase the organisation. To increase the immersivity of the viewer’s experience sound can be overlaid to add that extra level of depth to their experience.

We work closely with clients from idea generation through to the delivery and promotion of the content. We have the skills and expertise to turn any vision, regardless of how ambitious, into a reality. This collaborative approach is underpinned by efficient, flexible project management. Our ability to deliver time and time again is why so many big brands choose to work with us. Get in touch to discuss your next project.