Virtual Reality Video Production

example of virtual reality video production

Sometimes you cannot give your audience the complete experience using 360 images, sometimes only video will give them a true sense of being in that environment. This is particularly true when movement is involved such as with sports and events where the viewer will often need to see the action to feel immersed in the environment.

We have years of experience in the shooting and editing of ‘traditional’ videos, we have built on this to develop tools and techniques for 360 videos which overcome hurdles that often limit most virtual reality video production agencies. Our 360 videos are shot to be viewed on a multitude of different devices; from the Oculus rift to a standard smartphone, because we understand that not everyone will view this content in the same way.

We also have the capability to shoot using binaural sound – this replicates what someone would hear in the real world. As a viewer moves their head, the sound will change according to the natural direction of the sound’s source. This massively increases how immersive the content is to the user.

We work closely with clients from idea generation through to the delivery and promotion of the content. We have the skills and expertise to turn any vision, regardless of how ambitious, into a reality. This collaborative approach is underpinned by efficient, flexible project management. Our ability to deliver time and time again is why so many big brands choose to work with us. Get in touch to discuss your next project.